Functional additives for powder metallurgy

Our synthetic sulfides ensure that sintered parts are readily machinable and withstand maximum stress.

Dealing with maximum stress

The use of synergistic synthetic metal sulfide systems based on manganese, molybdenum, bismuth and tungsten sulfides promotes better machinability of sintered parts. This results in an increased tool life. For the first time, Tribotecc products can be used to enhance the tribological properties and thus the lifetime of sintered components.

Sintered parts - high durability

In powder metallurgy, metal powders and additives are mechanically compressed and subsequently sintered into highly stressed components. The functional additives by Tribotecc support the production of high-performance parts particularly used in vehicle engines.

High-performance due to metal sulfides

Tribotecc supplies a range of metal sulfides mainly based on manganese, molybdenum, bismuth and tungsten sulfides for the manufacturing of sintered parts. Even low concentrations of these functional additives lead to a better machinability and improve the tribological properties of the sintered powder matrix. As a consequence, high numbers of sintered parts can be produced in a cost-efficient way. They have complex geometries, withstand extreme stresses and are therefore eminently suitable for the use in automotive industry and other industries.  



Product Range

Metal sulfides

Sb2S3Antimony trisulfide
Bi2S3Bismuth sulfide
Cr2S3Chromium (III) sulfide
Cu2SCopper (I) sulfide
CuSCopper (II) sulfide
CuFeS2Copper iron sulfide
FeSIron (II) sulfide
FeS2 Iron disulfide (Pyrite)
MnSManganese (II) sulfide
MoS2Molybdenum disulfide
Ag2SSilver sulfide
WS2Tungsten disulfide
SnSTin (II) sulfide
SnS2Tin (IV) sulfide
ZnSZinc sulfide


Synthetic multiphase metal sulfides (CPX-, SLX-, SCX-series)


Other Products

  • Synergistic solid lubricant systems based on synthetic metal sulfides (SLS-, WEP-series)
  • Complex chlorides based on manganese
  • Tin metal powder
  • Antimony metal powder


Best Performers

  • Tribotecc® - MNS 2
  • Tribotecc® - MBI 15
  • Tribotecc® - MNC 21
  • Tribotecc® - WS-series

Piston rings

Valve seats and guides

Gear wheels and synchronizer rings


  • Improve machinability
  • Enhance microstructure
  • Superior tribological effects
  • Reduce friction coefficient
  • Reduce wear


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