Metal sulfides for friction materials

Tribotecc is the global market and technology leader in high performance metal sulfides and development partner of the friction industry. Stabilizing the friction coefficient at a high level, our products increase comfort at the same time and extend the durability of brake pads and brake discs.

Count on comfort and security

The unique solutions of Tribotecc are part of essential goods and contribute thus to the safety and comfort of people throughout the world. When it comes to chemical structure, polarity, lubricity and thermal behavior, the tribological properties of metal sulfide compounds are crucial to the functionality of friction pairing and extend the lifetime of components in motion. Metal sulfides by Tribotecc stand out by their chemical purity and long-time constant quality. Development partnerships with customers are the driving force for continuous improvements.

Skillfully meeting new challenges

In recent years, vehicle technology has experienced a trend towards heavier and faster vehicles. This poses new challenges to the reliability of brake pads and clutch facings. Not only should the braking effect be immediate and smooth, noise and vibrations should be kept to a minimum, together with a longer product lifetime. This is where the high-tech metal sulfides developed and produced by Tribotecc become essential. They are primarily used in original disc brake pads and drum brake linings (OEM) and original spare parts (OES).

Excellence through innovation

In vehicles of all kinds, the quality of brake pads and clutch facings is crucial to safety, comfort and performance. For many years, innovation leader Tribotecc has been developing friction stabilizers and comfort additives used by the automotive industry in disc brake pads and drum brake linings.

Tribotecc Friction

  • Stabilize the friction coeffcient at a high level
  • Improve comfort (NVH)
  • Ensure high durability
  • Reduce pad and disc wear even at high temperatures
  • Prevent brake fading
  • Lower rim dust


Examples of pioneering Tribotecc innovations

  • Synthetic tin and multiphase sulfides offered as alternative additives to natural antimony trisulfide
  • Environmentally friendly synthetic products as alternative to molybdenum disulfide for increased braking comfort
  • New generation of tin sulfides based on synergistic materials as cost-effective alternative to tin sulfides
  • New synthetic additives for copper-free formulations

Disc brake pads in road traffic and racing for cars, trucks and motorbikes as well as for all vehicles and light aircraft

Clutch facings

Industrial linings for wind turbines, elevators, escalators, etc.


All synthetic metal sulfides manufactured in automated processes by Tribotecc significantly improve the operation of brake pads and clutch facings while at the same time conserving natural resources.

improve the friction level by forming an inter-frictional layer, thus reducing pad and disc wear and preventing temperature peaks.
depending on their composition and the friction technology, these multiphase sulfides act as friction stabilizer, prevent fading and improve pad and disc wear.
based on tungsten and zinc, they have a noise-optimizing effect and decrease vibrations while at the same time reducing pad and disc wear.
Improve both friction coefficient and wearresistance and are a modern and reasonable alternative to pure metal sulfides.


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