Tribotecc GmbH has excellent partnerships with customers and suppliers. This enables us to offer a broad, specialized and premium-quality product portfolio. The products of Tribotecc have always been defining trends and setting industry standards.

Product Range

Metal sulfides

Sb2S3Antimony trisulfide
Bi2S3 Bismuth sulfide
Cr2S3Chromium (III) sulfide
Cu2SCopper (I) sulfide
CuS  Copper (II) sulfide
CuFeS2 Copper iron sulfide
FeS  Iron (II) sulfide
FeS2Iron disulfide (Pyrite)
MnSManganese (II) sulfide
MoS2Molybdenum disulfide
Ag2SSilver sulfide
WS2Tungsten disulfide
SnSTin (II) sulfide
SnS2Tin (IV) sulfide
ZnSZinc sulfide

Synthetic multiphase metal sulfides (CPX-, SLX-, SCX-series)

Other Products

  • Synergistic solid lubricant systems based on synthetic metal sulfides (SLS-, WEP-series)
  • Complex chlorides based on manganese
  • Tin metal powder
  • Antimony metal powder

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