Tribotecc at Eurobrake 2015 in Dresden, Germany

EuroBrake is the world’s largest dedicated braking conference and provides a forum for companies and engineers working in the area of brake technology to come together and share ideas.

This year EuroBrake was taking place from 4-6 May 2015 in Dresden, Germany. Tribotecc GmbH attended this conference as exhibitor and gave also a presentation, which scored second highest within the session according to FISITA.

In a lecture titled “New innovative copper free solutions for disc brake pads” Tribotecc's R&D scientist Ms. Carmen Moser presented two new product families - Tribotecc® - Ferrostar T and Tribotecc® - SLX  - suitable for copper replacement in disc brake pads. Due to the toxicity of copper to many aquatic organisms, several US states have restricted it´s use in brake pads by 2021. The high thermal conductivity and good lubricating properties at high temperatures of copper are making the replacement a very challenging task. At the same time one of the most common metal sulfides in the friction industry - antimony trisulfide -  is suspected to pose a human cancer risk and is therefore avoided in new developments. Two new antimony free, environmental friendly synthetic product families of Tribotecc GmbH have been evaluated with dynamometer tests in a copper free formulation in comparison to a copper containing reference formulation. Products of the Tribotecc® - Ferrostar T family are composite solid lubricants based on synthetic iron sulfide and different carbon compounds. They exhibit a significantly improved thermal conductivity and stabilize the coefficient of friction on a high level while rotor and pad wear are reduced. Especially in combination with different tin sulfide based products like Tribotecc® - SCX 9 or Tribotecc® - SCX 10 they offer an environmentally friendly solution for copper replacement in disc brake pads. The products of the second product family - Tribotecc® - SLX  - are synthetic multiphase metal sulfides based on the metals iron, bismuth, zinc and tin. They are designed with the focus on the improvement and stabilization the coefficient of friction at high temperatures. Besides excellent friction stabilizing properties they also improve the wear of brake disc and brake pad.  

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