New copper-free synthetic solutions

Tribotecc introduced new copper-free synthetic solutions at the Eurobrake 2014.

Copper is a key raw material in many friction formulations due to its high thermal conductivity and good lubricating properties at elevated temperatures, but the toxicity to many aquatic organisms has resulted in a regulation of copper in friction materials according to some US state laws by 2021. The global car industry and other countries, especially EU are following the same pathway.

Tribotecc is continuously developing advanced solutions to meet these market needs. At this year Eurobrake in Lille, Tribotecc presented two new synthetic product families suitable for the use as copper replacements in brake pads.


Products of Tribotecc® - Ferrostar T series fulfill the requirements of good thermal conduction properties and excellent friction performance. They consist of synthetic ironsulfide with significantly improved thermal conductivity. They improve friction performances of copper-free formulations while wear is not affected. In combination with well-known tinsulfide-based products like Tribotecc® - Stannolube® or Tribotecc® - SCX 10 even better friction behaviour and NVH-properties can be achieved.


Products of Tribotecc® - SLX series are multiphased metal sulfides based on iron, tin, zinc and bismuth, which are specially designed for improving and stabilizing coefficient of friction during fading blocks and are suitable replacements of copper in brake pad formulations, already approved in OE-low mets.


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