Brake Forum Japan, Utsunomiya, 28.-29. Nov. 2016

This conference organized by JSME (Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers) was the first international friction industry event in Japan. Tribotecc GmbH attended at this Brake Forum as exhibitor together with DKK (DAICHI KIGENSO KAGAKU KOGYO CO., LTD.), the distributor of Tribotecc's friction additives in Japan. Not only companies of the entire supply chain of the fricition industry were present, but also Japanese car producers like Toyota, Honda, Subaru and Mazda (to some extend with papers). Beside NVH and new test methods, the most dominant topics of this Brake Forum were the likes of „Brake by wire“ and  „Regenerative Braking“. These topics are becoming more and more important with increasing electrification of cars. This is already reality for HV (Hybrid Vehicles) and in incremental extend for E-Cars.

Tribotecc appreciated the opportunity for many face-to-face meetings with friction manufacturers.