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By accessing this website, you accept the following “General Terms and Conditions” without restriction or reservation.

1. General terms and conditions

1.1 Copyright

The structure, content and design of this Tribotecc website are protected by copyright. Each reproduction, editing, translation as well as storage, transmission and processing in other media, regardless of which form, is subject to the copyright regulations. Any utilization – in excerpts also – is permitted only with prior written agreement of Tribotecc provided that the relevant content, images or texts (or parts thereof) are not expressly indicated as free for publication (such as the download area). The images are protected by the Austrian Copyright Act (UrhG). All rights of publication and reproduction are reserved by Tribotecc (unless otherwise indicated) and continue to exist to the full extent regardless of the type of transmission.

1.2 Logos and brands

Press images and texts may be used only for editorial purposes. An electronic or other manipulation which falsifies the statements or content is expressly prohibited. The reprinting of press texts and press images is free of charge, but we would ask for a specimen copy. Tribotecc images must be provided with the copyright notice “© Year Tribotecc Ges.m.b.H. All rights reserved”.

1.3 Disclaimer for pages of third parties

Individual pages of this website can contain links (hyperlinks) to other websites on the Internet, which are not maintained by Tribotecc and for which they are not responsible and whose content is unknown to Tribotecc . Our links to external Internet pages do not constitute an evaluation or reference, but serve solely to facilitate the user’s navigation. Only their operator is responsible for the content of linked pages.

This disclaimer is valid for all links displayed in this domain and for all content of the pages to which the links lead.

1.4 Disclaimer

We cannot assume liability for the correctness of the data contained on this website despite due diligence.

We reserve the right to change or delete individual or all content of this website at any time and without prior notice.

Each user is solely responsible for decisions which he/she makes based on the information.

Likewise, we are not responsible for any damage of a direct or indirect type in connection with the use of this website or our server.

We go to great organisational and technical lengths to protect all Tribotecc computers from unauthorised manipulation and viruses. However, we cannot guarantee that they are free from viruses or unauthorised programme codes and assume no liability for direct or indirect damage resulting from such software. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all users ensure sufficient protection for their computers, for example, by regular security updates of the deployed software and the use of virus scanners, before visiting our website and downloading documents.

Tribotecc also assumes no liability for the effectiveness and availability of the services and information offered on this website.

1.5 Tribotecc products

Tribotecc does not guarantee that the products specified on this website are also available in your country. Product descriptions on this website do not constitute a legal warranty and we neither explicitly nor implicitly guarantee that the products are suitable for certain applications.

1.6 Future-related statements and declarations of intent

If forecasts, future-related statements or declarations of intent are made in the context of this website, these are made to the best of our knowledge when first published. The actual results may perhaps deviate from earlier future-related statements. Tribotecc does not intend to continuously update all future-related statements on this website.

1.7 Miscellaneous

These terms and conditions are subject to the law of the Republic of Austria. The place of jurisdiction for disputes concerning this website is Vienna. If one of the provisions of these terms and conditions is null or void or becomes null or void, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.


2. Privacy policy


We respect the privacy of the users of Tribotecc websites. Tribotecc processes personal data, which is collected when visiting our website, in accordance with the data protection regulations of the country in which the person responsible for the data processing is located.

We would like to point out that our websites can contain links to the pages of other providers to which this privacy policy does not extend.

2.1 Collection and processing of personal data

Wenn Sie Tribotecc -Webseiten besuchen, speichern unsere Webserver (diese können auch bei einem Dienstleistungsunternehmen stehen) standardmäßig den Namen Ihres Internet Service Providers, die Webseite, von der aus Sie uns besuchen, die Webseiten, die Sie bei uns besuchen, sowie das Datum und die Dauer des Besuches. Darüber hinaus werden persönliche Daten nur dann gespeichert, wenn Sie uns diese selbst geben, z.B. im Rahmen einer Produktanfrage, einer Bewerbung oder zur Durchführung eines Vertrages.

2.2 Limitation on use and distribution of personal data

Tribotecc uses your personal data for the technical administration and content optimisation of our web pages, for customer administration and for Marketing only to the necessary extent in each case.

Tribotecc strictly does not forward any personal data to third parties. Disclosures of personal data to state institutions and authorities occur only in the context of compulsory national legal regulations. Our employees are obliged to maintain data confidentiality.

2.3 Cookies

Cookies are small files which are temporarily stored on your hard drive. The information contained in Cookies primarily serves to facilitate navigation. We currently refrain from using cookies. However, we reserve the right to use them in the future without prior notice.

2.4 Right to information

You can contact us if you have any questions as regards the processing of your personal data.

On request, Tribotecc or the agency responsible for you will inform you in writing as soon as possible in accordance with the valid legislation whether and which personal data about you is stored by us. If incorrect information has been stored, despite our efforts to maintain accurate and up-to-date data, we shall correct such information upon your request.


Status: October 2012