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Tribotecc®: At home all over the world

Tribology (Greek) is the science of friction, wear and lubrication of surfaces in relative motion.

The company name reflects
Tribotecc's vision:

"to be the worldwide technology and market leader in highly engineered tribological applications based on innovative synthetic solutions".

Tribotecc GmbH is the leading manufacturer of metal sulfides worldwide. The tribological properties of metal sulfide compounds with regard to chemical structure, polarity, lubricating ability and thermal behaviour are crucial for the functioning of friction combinations and extend the lifetime of components in motion.

The Tribotecc® products are a component of essential everyday items. Our top-quality additives for

brake pads, lubricants, plastics, sintered compacts, cut-off and grinding wheels as well as photovoltaics and batteries contribute to the safety and comfort of many people all over the world.

more than performance...

With our slogan “more than performance“, we guarantee you

  • the best quality under the toughest stresses
  • innovative products for now and in the future
  • fulfillment of all safety and environmental standards
  • customer satisfaction.








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